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Manufacture of Tinned Ware

As tin will not adhere to the steel unless the surface is perfectly free from dirt, the steel is subjected to a long cleaning process.

It is first immersed in hot, dilute sulphuric acid and then washed, heated, and passed through polished iron rollers to give it a well-polished surface; it is annealed again, immersed once more in dilute sulphuric acid, re-washed, and scoured with sand. At the end of this process the sheet is clean and bright.

Next, each sheet is put into a pot of melted tallow, where it is left until it is completely coated. After this the plates are plunged into a bath of melted tin, in which they remain from three to five minutes.

After cooling they are polished with bran.

The best tin plate is dipped twice; this is called "block tin", or "retinned ware".

The articles are drawn on dies or seamed from "blanks" (see Cutting Dies).

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