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Drawing Dies

Drawing dies are used in the manufacture of articles from ductile metals such as wrought iron, steel, tin, copper, brass, and aluminum. By means of these dies a flat piece of metal can be drawn into a deep vessel by pressure and tension alone.

There are four types of drawing dies:

Simple push-through dies,
Punching and drawing dies with double-acting press,
Punching and drawing dies with single-acting press,
Triple-acting dies

The simple push-through dies take the blank after it has been stamped out in a blanking die, and while the edges are held firmly the punch presses and pushes it down to the desired length of the shell.

The combination dies cut out the blank, draw it into shape, and sometimes finish it off. The double-acting presses can turn out articles of almost any shape, the number of operations depending on the thickness of the metal. If the shape is simple and straight-sided, a push-through die is used. For tapering or irregular shapes the die plate must have a solid bottom of the shape required into which the punch fits.

The single-acting presses can be used only for shallow articles, such as the tops for cans.

Triple-acting presses are the same in principle as the solid bottom double-acting ones, cutting, drawing, forming, and stamping or lettering the shell by one con-tinous process.

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