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Cutting Dies

Cutting dies are the simplest forms. They consist of two parts, the die or die plate, and the punch, operated in a power press. The sheet of metal which is to be cut, called the " blank," is placed on the die plate and the punch falls on it and cuts out the desired shape. Pieced or seamed utensils are made from pieces so cut out. These dies are also called blanking dies.

Besides the simple blanking dies, there are dies which perform several operations at once and others which stamp out a number of pieces at one time.

Figure 2 shows the blanks of parts of several kitchen utensils formed by cutting dies.

1. Dishpan

2. Flaring Pail

3. Lard Pail

4. Milk Pan

5. Tea and Coffee Pot Spouts

6. Oil can Breast 7. Dipper Handles

8. Dipper Bowl

9. Scoop Handle

10. Scoop Boss

11. Dishpan Handle 20

12. Coffee Pot

13. Coffee Boiler

14. Scoop Body

15. Scoop Back

16. Scoop Band

17, 18. Cup Handles

19. Stove Pipe Elbow

20. Dripping Pan

21. Dripping Pan Notch

22. Gravy Strainer

23. 24. Spoons

25. Writing Machine Lever

26. Coal Hod Hood

27. Coal Hod Back Handle

28. Coal Hod Rim

29. Dustpan Handle

30. End Piece Deep Breadpan

31. Funnel Body

32. Coal Hod Body

33. Coal Hod Front

34. Coal Hod Back

35. Dustpan

36. Side Piece - Deep Breadpan

37. Measure Body

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