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Roast Veal Loin Recipe

How do I cook a veal roast? Here's the answer, a recipe for roast veal loin.

Prepare roast veal loin the same as any roast, leaving in the kidney, putting considerable salt around it. Make a dressing like the turkey dressing recipe; unroll the loin, put the stuffing well around the kidney, fold and secure with several coils of white cotton twine wound around in all directions; place in a dripping pan with the thick side down, and put in a fairly hot oven, graduated after it commences to roast to medium; in half an hour add a bit of hot water to the pan, and baste often; in another half hour turn over the roast, and when about finished dredge lightly with flour and baste with melted butter. Prior to serving the veal roast carefully remove the twine.

A roast veal of four or five pounds will bake in about two hours cooking time. For a gravy, skim off some of the fat if there is too much in the drippings; dredge in some flour, stir until brown, add some hot water if necessary; boil a couple of minutes, stir in such sweet herbs as fancied, and put in a gravy boat. Serve with green peas and lemon jelly. Veal loin roast is very lovely sliced cold for lunch, and Worcestershire or Chili sauce forms a fine relish.

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