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Tomato Soup Recipes

Tomato Soup Recipe 1

Place in a kettle four pounds of beef. Pour over it one gallon of cold water. Let the meat and water boil slowly for three hours, or until the liquid is reduced to about one-½. Remove the meat and put into the broth a quart of tomatoes, and one chopped onion; salt and pepper to taste. A teaspoonful of flour should be dissolved and stirred in, then allowed to boil ½ an hour longer. Strain and Serve piping hot. Canned tomatoes in place of fresh ones may be used.

Tomato Soup Recipe 2

Place over the stove a quart of peeled tomatoes, stew them soft with a pinch of soda. Strain it so that no seeds remain, set it over the stove again, and add a quart of hot boiled milk; season with salt and pepper, a piece of butter the size of an egg, add three tablespoonfuls of rolled cracker, and Serve piping hot. Canned tomatoes may be used in place of fresh ones.

Tomato Soup Recipe 3

Peel two quarts of tomatoes, boil them in a saucepan with an onion, and other soup vegetables; strain and add a level tablespoonful of flour dissolved in a third of a cup of melted butter; add pepper and salt. Serve very hot over little squares of bread fried brown and crisp in butter. An excellent addition to a cold meat lunch.

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