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Veal Meat, Diagram of Calf Parts

The body and parts of calves or veal meat.

Veal - Hindquarter

  1. Loin, the choicest cuts used for roasts and chops.
  2. Fillet, used for roasts and cutlets.
  3. Loin, chump-end used for roasts and chops.
  4. The hind-knuckle or hock, used for stews, pot-pies, meat-pies.

Veal Fore Quarter

  • 5. Neck, best end used for roasts, stews and chops.
  • 6. Breast, best end used for roasting, stews and chops.
  • 7. Blade-bone, used for pot-roasts and baked dishes.
  • 8. Fore-knuckle, used for soups and stews.
  • 9. Breast, brisket-end used for baking, stews and pot-pies.
  • 10. Neck, scrag-end used for stews, broth, meat-pies, etc.

Veal Meat, Diagram of Calf

In cutting up veal, generally, the hindquarter is divided into loin and leg, and the forequarter into breast, neck and shoulder.

The parts of a moderately sized, well fed calf, about eight weeks old, are nearly of the following weights:
Loin and chump, 18 lbs.; fillet, 12 lbs.; hind knuckle, 5 lbs.; shoulder, 11 lbs.; neck, 11 lbs.; breast, 9 lbs., and fore knuckle, 5 lbs.; making a total of 144 lbs. weight.

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