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Pork Cuts Diagram, Parts of a Pig

The parts or anatomy of a pig with diagram for cooking and carving pork cuts.

  1. Leg, used for smoked hams, roasts and corned pork.
  2. Hindloin, used for roasts, chops and baked dishes.
  3. Foreloin or ribs, used for roasts, baked dishes or chops.
  4. Spare rib, used for roasts, chops, stews.
  5. Shoulder, used for smoked shoulder, roasts and corned pork.
  6. Brisket and flank, used for pickling in salt and smoked bacon.

Pork Cuts Diagram

The cheek of pork is used for pickling in salt, also the shank or shin. The feet are usually used for souse and jelly.

For family use the leg is the most economical, when fresh, and the loin the richest. The best pork is from carcasses weighing from fifty to about one hundred and twenty five pounds. Pork is a white and close meat, and it is almost impossible to over roast or cook it too much; when underdone it is very unhealthy.

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