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Cutting Up Deer Chart

Deer cutting diagram, how to cut deer.

  1. Shoulder, used for roasting; it may be boned and stuffed, then afterwards baked or roasted.
  2. Fore-loin, used for roasts and steaks.
  3. Haunch or loin, used for roasts, steaks, stews. The ribs cut close may be used for soups. Good for pickling and making into smoked venison.
  4. Breast, used for baking dishes, stewing.
  5. Scrag or neck, used for soups.


The choice of venison should be judged by the fat, which, when the venison is young, should be thick, clear and close, and the meat a very dark red. The flesh of a female deer about four years old, is the sweetest and best of venison.

Buck venison, which is in season from June to the end of September, is finer than doe venison, which is in season from October to December. Neither should be dressed at any other time of year, and no meat requires so much care as venison in killing, preserving and dressing.

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