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Leg of Mutton Recipes

Two great and free mutton leg recipes.

Leg of Mutton Recipe - A La Venison

Remove all the rough fat from the mutton and lay it in a deep earthen dish; rub into it thoroughly the following: One tablespoon of salt, one each of celery salt, brown sugar, black pepper, English mustard, allspice, and some sweet herbs, all powdered and mixed; after which pour over it slowly a teacup of good vinegar, cover tightly, and set in a cool place four or five days, turning it and basting often with the liquid each day.

To cook, put in a pot a quart of boiling water, place over it an inverted shallow pan, and on it lay the meat just as removed from the pickle; cover the pot tightly and stew for four hours. Do not lat the water touch the meat. Add a cup of hot water to the pickle remaining and baste with it. When cooked, thicken the liquid with flour and strain through a fine sieve, to serve with the meat; also a relish of currant jelly, the same as for venison.

This is a fine dish when the cooking instructions are properly adhered to.

Steamed Leg of Mutton

Wash and put the mutton leg in a steamer and cook it until tender, then place in a roasting pan, salt and dredge well with flour and set it in a hot oven until nicely browned; the water that remains in the bottom of the steamer can be used for soup. Serve steamed leg of mutton with currant jelly.

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