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Wood Turning Techniques & Lathes

Many of the wooden articles of the department, such as rolling pins, bowls, etc. in fact, anything that is round or cylindrical are made on turning lathes.

There are wide variations in the work and construction of turning lathes, but the principle is always the same, i.e, rough, round, octagonal, or square blocks of wood or other substances are fixed in place between two rigid centers and revolved rapidly, while a chisel or other cutting tool is held against the block.

According to the method of operation, there are two kinds of lathes:

Foot lathes, operated by the workman. Power lathes, operated by machinery and "power".

With respect to the species of work they do there are also two classes:

Center lathes, which form outside surfaces. Spindle, mandrel, or chuck lathes, which perform hollow or inside work.

Both types of work, however, may be done on one lathe. There are many varieties of automatic attachments which assist in shaping the articles, and a skilful mechanic can obtain large varieties of shapes. Lathes are also used in shaping metal, bone, and ivory.

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