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Coated Iron Wares

The principal drawback which has always attended the use of iron and steel is the great tendency of the metal to rust or corrode. Not only does it rust easily, but when the process once starts it proceeds rapidly, soon destroying the article. Iron differs from most metals in this particular. In all other metals the deposit formed on the surface of the metal protects it from further corrosion. This is seen in the case of copper, which is used for the rain spouts of buildings. In a short time the atmosphere causes a beautiful green coating to appear, and this is a protection to the metal.

Many methods have been devised for protecting iron from air and rust, such as enameling, tinning, galvanizing, painting. All except painting are used in making some of the articles among house furnishings products.

Making the Foundation

The iron or steel foundations for coated ware are stamped out by dies from sheet iron or sheet steel, a separate die for each "size" of each utensil.

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