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How to Make Enamel

Preparation of Enamel

Just as in the manufacture of glass, the first step in the enamel-making is to prepare the "batch" which is simply the mixture of all the materials together.

It is very important that this mixture be of the right composition, for this determines whether:

1. The enamel will stick to the vessel properly.

2. The enamel will bake on with a smooth surface.

3. The surface will be non-porous.

4. The gloss will be lasting.

5. The color or mottling will be attractive.

When the batch has been thoroughly mixed it is emptied into a red-hot furnace, in which it is melted and becomes a thick, sirupy mass. While it is in this liquid form the furnace is tapped and the melted enamel is run out into water, which causes it to break up into small particles.

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