International Styles

Aluminum Polishing and Finishing

Whether cast or stamped, the polishing and finishing processes are the same.

The first step in finishing the outside is to even the surface by grinding the whole to the depth of the deepest scratch. This is done by rapidly revolving buff wheels. Then softer wheels are brought against every part of the exterior and the well-known beautiful silvery polish results.

In finishing the inside surface there are several methods, each resulting in a separate "finish" as:

1. Polished, like the outside.

2. "Satin" or "scratch brush" finish, done by pressing the interior against a rapidly revolving fine wire brush.

3. "Line" finish, obtained by rubbing the interibr surface with emery cloth.

4. "Dip" finish, a whitish finish, obtained by exposing the surface to an acid.

5. "Natural" finish not finished at all, but left as it comes from the last manufacturing process.

6. "Electric" finish, a dark finish which is smoother than the others.

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