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Fresh Potted Fish

After the fish has laid in salt water six hours, take it out, and to every six pounds of fish take one-¼ cup-ful each of salt, black pepper and cinnamon, one-eighth cup-ful of allspice, and one tea-spoonful of cloves.

Slice the fish in pieces and put into a ½ gallon stone baking-jar, first a layer of fish, then the spices, flour, and then spread a thin layer of butter on, and continue so until the dish is full. Fill the jar with equal parts of vinegar and water, cover with tightly fitting lid, so that the steam cannot get out; bake five hours, remove from the oven, and when it is cold it is to be cut in slices and served. This is a tea or lunch dish.

Recipe 2

Take out the backbone of the fish; for one weighing 2 pounds take a table spoonful of allspice and cloves mixed; these spices should be put into little bags of not too thick muslin; put sufficient salt directly upon each fish; then roll in cloth, over which sprinkle a bit of cayenne pepper; put alternate layers of fish, spice and sage in an earthen jar; cover with the best cider vinegar; cover the jar closely with a plate, and over this, put a covering of dough, rolled out to twice the thickness of pie crust. Make the edges of paste, to stick closely to the sides of the jar, so as to make it air tight. Put the jar into a pot of cold water and let it boil from three to five hours, according to amount. Ready when cold.

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