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Chocolate Peanut Brittle

Covered in delicious chocolate, a recipe for chocolate peanut brittle.

  • 1 ½ cups of sugar,
  • 2/3 a cup of water,
  • ½ a cup of glucose (pure corn syrup),
  • 2 level tablespoonfuls of butter,
  • ½ a pound of raw shelled peanuts,
  • 1 teaspoonful of vanilla extract,
  • 1 level teaspoonful of soda,
  • 1 tablespoonful of cold water,
  • ½ a pound or more of chocolate.

Put the sugar, water and glucose over the fire; stir till the sugar is dissolved; wash down the sides of the saucepan with a cloth or the fingers dipped in cold water, cover and let boil three or four minutes, then uncover and let cook to 275 F.

(when a little is cooled and chewed it clings but does not stick to the teeth) add the butter and peanuts and stir constantly until the peanuts are nicely browned (or are of the color of well roasted peanuts).

Dissolve the soda in the cold water, add the vanilla and the soda and stir vigorously.

When the candy is through foaming, turn it onto a warm and well-oiled marble or platter.

As soon as it has cooled a little on the edges, take hold of it at the edge and pull out as thin as possible.

Loosen it from the receptacle at the center by running a spatula under it, then turn the whole sheet upside down, and again pull as thin as possible.

Break into small pieces and when cold coat with chocolate prepared as in previous recipes.

½ of a roasted peanut may be set upon each piece as coated.

Note that the peanuts used in the brittle are raw.

The small Spanish peanuts are the best for this purpose.

After the peanuts are shelled, cover them with boiling water, let boil up once, then skim out and push off the skin, when they are ready to use.

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