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Garden Temple or Aviary

This small building, the temple or aviary, designed to decorate extensive grounds and gardens, allows an agreeable seat and prospect room: it is supposed to be situated on a small island in a retired portion of the estate, not far distant from the mansion, where repose of scene would make such a building effective in all its points, and the melodious harmony of the birds within, a delightful relief to its surrounding stillness. Being encompassed by water, and suitable iron gates affixed to the approach, which is over a small bridge, it would possibly be secure from those depredations from which it is to be lamented few such edifices are exempt, when even a little removed from the immediate vicinity of the house.

Garden Aviary

Should this appropriation of the building be dispensed with, it would become an agreeable retirement for reading or study. On extensive homes such buildings are essential as resting places in the walks, and as retreats from hasty showers: from these, well arranged plantations acquire a peculiar interest; for, besides their attractive qualities, which invite the spectator onward, he is secure from inconvenience by the rapid changes of the weather, and the intervening scenes are therefore enjoyed in confidence. When they are designed and placed with wise attention to the character of the place, they often allow admirable decorations to the landscape, and carry forward the seeming extent of the more polished arrangements of the pleasure grounds.

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