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Rustic Garden Bridge

Water being so essential to the beauty of cultivated scenery, from its power of contrast to the surrounding verdure, its brilliancy, colour, motion and sparkling reflections, as also from other results of its mirror-like surface - the frequent use of it demands the introduction of an additional picturesque feature to the landscape such as a rustic garden bridge.

The pictured design for a bridge is suitable to this purpose: it forms a rustic shelter and fishing seat; and the parapets of each extremity arranged in step-like forms are prepared to receive orange trees or other plants.

Rustic Bridge

The making of the bridge is chiefly of timber and unbarked slabs, and the roof is proposed to be covered by reed thatching. It sometimes happens that the natural slope of ground will not permit so large a piece of water as may be desired, unless it is made to occupy two or more levels, at such points a low bridge erected over its fall will hide the irregularity.

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