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Garden Laundry

Although the purposes of the pictured design are foreign to those of a garden, as a building it may often allow embellishinent to the shrubberies, if suitably designed: in the present instance a retreat is developed in the centre, and the walls which would inclose the drying ground are disposed for training the magnolia; so becoming a useful and pleasing feature of the garden arrangements. The plan shows the requisites of a complete laundry, suitable to a large establishment: its particular advantages may, however, be introduced into a building on a small scale, and many of its points may be applied with advantage to every apartment devoted to such purposes, and consequently supercede many annoyances of the operations in this department of home economy.


The plan is separated into two parts - one disposed for washing and the other for ironing, mangling, and folding linen: between the two apartments are situated drying forms, heated by steam; and the linen is at once passed into the second apartment by these forms and dried, when the weather is unfavorable to the use of the drying ground ; the steam or vapour is dismissed by funnels immediately above the forms, and a current of air admitted to dispatch it more freely. The mangle is lighted by a skylight, and the windows being opposite to each other, the whole is well ventilated. The washing trays are fixed, and supplied with hot and cold water by pipes, andI are emptied by valves and pipes into reservoirs for the use of the garden, so that none of the valuable properties of the soap wash may be lost to it.

A large cistern is disposed in the roof, and the hot water and boiling coppers under, as also the small steam apparatus. The several parts will be understood by reference to the index. The apartments are warmed by the steam apparatus, which may effect other useful purposes.

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