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Flower Garden Aviary

This design is meant as the chief feature of a flower garden - it is an aviary in the centre of an arcade of woodbine, roses, jessamines, and other creeping and flowering shrubs: in front is a piece of water for gold and silver fish, and ornamented by a fountains - the roof of the aviary is greatly projecting, allowing shelter and protection to the birds during the months they are permitted to remain in such inclosures, and the supports are developed for the purpose of receiving foliages - the banks sloping to the water, are decorateed by flower beds, enclosed by basketwork, imitations of which are admirably made in iron, and in small pieces, when placed around the beds they have a good effect, are of easy application, and from the nature of the material very durable.

Garden Aviary

The custom of the ancients to have gardens suited to the seasons of the year is followed by ourselves, or rather our inventions, have superceded the necessity of several gardens, so far at least as our hot houses and conservatories are concerned; yet there is a defect in our al fresco gardens that was avoided by them. Flowers are there planted and sown for succession, as it is called, so that one plant is seen to flourish in full blossom and display, while its neighbour on one side is proceeding to decay, and on the other is just budding into promise; this is a defect; and it will be found, that in the best gardens, if they are not prepared for the luxuriance of one or two months, in the year alone, the flowers are in the state alluded to, and do not present the full effects of which they are capable.

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