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Mutton Pudding

Line a two-quart pudding basin with some beef suet paste; fill the lining with thick mutton cutlets, slightly trimmed, or, if preferred, with steaks cut from the leg; season with salt and pepper some parsley, a bit of thyme and two slices of onion chopped fine, and between each layer of meat, put some slices of potatoes. When the pudding is filled, wet the edges of the paste around the top of the basin, and cover with a piece of paste rolled out the size of the basin. Fasten down the edge by bearing all around with the thumb; and then with the thumb and forefinger twist the edges of the paste over so as to give it a corded appearance.

This pudding can be set in a steamer and steamed, or boiled. The time required for cooking is approx three hours. When cooked, turn it out carefully on a platter and serve with a rich gravy under it. This is a very good recipe for cooking small birds.

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