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Braised Leg of Mutton Recipe

This recipe can be varied either by preparing the mutton leg with stuffing, put in the cavity of the leg of mutton after the bone is removed, or cooking it without. Having lined the bottom of a thick iron pot or stew pan with a couple thin slices of bacon, put over the bacon four carrots, three onions, a bunch of savory herbs; then over all this put the leg of mutton.

Cover the whole with a couple more slices of bacon, then pour over half a pint of water. Cover with a tight cover and stew very gently for four hours, basting the leg now and again with its own liquor, and seasoning it with salt and pepper as soon as it begins to be tender. When cooked strain the gravy, thicken with a spoonful of flour (it needs to be quite brown), pour some of it over the meat and send the remainder to the table in a tureen, to be served with the mutton when carved. Garnish the dish around the leg of mutton with potatoes cut in the shape of olives and fried a light brown in butter.

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