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Tinned Ware Products

Tinned ware has continued to be popular in spite of the growth and widespread use of enameled and aluminum ware, as it is light to handle, inexpensive, and attractive when it is new. It also conducts the heat well, so there is less danger of scorching food.

Tea and other kettles, Saupepans, Coffee-pots, Double boilers.

Tinned ware stock includes many articles, especially those of smaller size, such as:

For cooking:

Ladles, dippers, Steamers, poachers, Bread, cake, pie plates, Baking pans.

2. For preparing food: Apple corers, Graters, Biscuit cutters, Spoons, Bread and cake mixers, Lemon squeezers.

3. For the sink:

Dishpans, draining, Potato mashers, Colanders, Strainers, sieves, sifters, Funnels, Egg separators, Measures, pans, Wash basins.

For the laundry: Boilers, Soap dish and shakers, Wire pot cleaners.

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