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Types of Enameled Cookware

Types of enameled products consist of white, blue, blue and white, and gray ware, and include:

1. For the stove:

Tea kettles, Double boilers, Kettles for all uses, Asparagus boilers, Saucepans, Ham boilers, Tea and coffee pots, Frying pans, Steamers.

2. For the oven:

Bread, cake, and muffin pans, Pie plates, Pudding and other baking dishes, Meat roasters.

3. For preparing and containing food:

Bowls, Colanders, Cups and saucers, Skimmers, Spoons, Dippers, Ladles, Plates, platters, Funnels, Pitchers, Measures, Boxes, Pails, Jars, Bread raisers, Strainers, Milk pans.

4. For the sink:

Dishpans, Wash basins, Draining pans, Sink strainers, Soap dishes.

5. For miscellaneous uses:

Foot tubs, Cuspidors, Dinner pails, Chamber pails, Covered buckets.

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