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History of Pottery

The baking of clay to form pottery ranks among the oldest arts. When ancient tombs are opened, or other traces of vanished civilizations are found, pieces of baked clay are almost always discovered.

Ancient Egypt was probably the first nation to develop this art, and there pieces of both glazed and un-glazed pottery are found in a state of perfect preservation, but all the great nations of antiquity were proficient in pottery-making.

The Bible refers many times to pottery.

In medieval times both glazed and unglazed pottery were made as early as the twelfth century in Italy, and England doubtless learned the trade from European workmen. The English development of the art has been noted throughout the world for its beauty and superiority.

In America no pottery works were established before the end of the eighteenth century about 1790; and until then the necessary supply had been imported from Europe. Rapid development has taken place in the manufacture of American-made ware, which now has a recognized standing in workmanship, design, and service. Purchasers find that American-made ware is always easily obtained and that they do not have to wait for shipments from Europe.

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