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Earthenware Products

Varieties of Pottery

Some confusion exists regarding the different terms used in describing this class of ware. The words earthenware, crockery, porcelain, pottery, and china are used indiscriminately.

The term pottery is properly applied to anything made of clay and baked in a kiln. The word earthenware is often used for the inferior grades of pottery, distinguishing them from porcelain or china. Yellow earthenware is made of softer paste and fired at a lower temperature than the white ware. It is cheaper but less durable.

Crockery is earthenware of any grade, especially kitchen utensils, made from baked clay.

China or porcelain is vitreous ware, differing from earthenware in being more or less translucent, and in its superior whiteness and hardness.

Earthenware Products

In this section of housewares is found:

Baking dishes; Pitchers; Casseroles; Jugs; Ramekins; Jars; Bean pots; Bowls; Teapots; Nappies.

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