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Aluminum Stamping

The stamped or drawn aluminum articles are made by the process described in the latter part of Chapter II. Aluminum is susceptible of deeper drawing with less annealing than any of the other commercial metals.

Some stamped aluminum ware is "spun", that is, after the utensils are stamped they are placed on rapidly revolving chucks which are shaped to fit the inside of the article and the workman presses tools of various shapes against the outside. In utensils like coffee-pots or kettles, the top is turned in by the spinning process.

Stamped articles often have lengthwise wrinkles in the metal. These are removed by pressing an iron tool against the utensil as it revolves.

Attaching spouts to stamped articles, such as teakettles or coffee- or teapots, is an interesting operation. The spout and the body of the utensil are made separately, but a hole is left in the body where the spout is to be attached. Then the spout and the metal around the hole are heated, the two are brought together, and aluminum wire is used to make the article one continuous piece of aluminum.

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