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White Fish Recipes - Baked & Boiled

Baked White Fish

Thoroughly clean the white fish; cut off the head or not, as preferred; cut out the backbone from the head to within 2 inches of the tail, and stuff with the following: Soak stale bread in water, squeeze dry; cut in pieces a big onion, fry in butter, chop fine; add the bread, 2 ounces of butter, salt, pepper and a bit of parsley or sage; heat through, and when taken off the stove, add the yolks of 2 well-beaten eggs; stuff the fish rather full, sew up with fine twine, and wrap with several coils of white tape.

Rub the fish over slightly with butter; just cover the bottom of a baking pan with hot water, and place the fish in it, standing back upward, and bent in the form of an S. Serve with the following dressing: Reduce the yolks of 2 hard boiled eggs to a smooth paste with 2 table spoonfuls good salad oil; stir in ½ a teaspoon English mustard, and add pepper and vinegar to taste and your baked white fish is ready.

With Bordeaux Sauce

Clean and stuff the white fish. Put it in a baking pan and add a liberal amount of butter, previously rolled in flour, to the fish. Put in the pan ½ a pint of claret, and bake for an hour and a ¼. Remove the fish and strain the gravy; add to the latter a gill more of claret, a tea-spoonful of brown flour and a pinch of cayenne, and serve with the fish.

Boiled White Fish

The most delicate way of cooking white fish. Prepare the fish as for broiling, laying it open; put it into a dripping pan with the back down; nearly cover with water; to one fish 2 table spoonfuls of salt; cover tightly and simmer (not boil) one-½ hour. Dress with gravy, a bit of butter and pepper, and garnish with hard boiled eggs.

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