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Baked Salmon Trout

Salmon trout is baked precisely as shad fish or white fish, but should be accompanied with cream gravy to make it perfect. It should be baked slowly, basting often with butter and water. When finished prepare a saucepan a cup of cream, diluted with a few spoonfuls of hot water, for fear it might clot in heating, in which have been stirred cautiously 2 table spoonfuls of melted butter, a scant table spoonful of flour, and a bit of chopped parsley. Heat this in a cooking vessel set within another of boiling water, add the gravy from the dripping-pan, boil once to thicken, and when the trout is laid on a suitable hot plate, pour this sauce around it. Garnish with sprigs of parsley.

When salmon trout is boiled, served with the same cream gravy (with the exception of the fish gravy), is the proper way to cook it.

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