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Salmon Fricasee

This way of cooking fresh salmon is a pleasant change from the ordinary ways of cooking it. Slice one and one-½ pounds of salmon into pieces one inch square; put the pieces in a stewpan with ½ a cup-ful of water, a bit of salt, a bit of white pepper, one clove, one blade of mace, three pieces of sugar, one shallot and a heaping tea-spoonful of mustard mixed smoothly with ½ a teacup-ful of vinegar.

Let this boil once and add six tomatoes peeled and cut into tiny pieces, a few sprigs of parsley finely minced, and one wine glassful of sherry. Let all simmer gently for ¾ of one hour. Serve piping hot, and garnish with dry toast cut in triangular pieces. Salmon fricasee is good, very cold, for luncheon or breakfast.

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