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Pickled Salmon Recipe

The Recipe: Take a fine, fresh salmon, and, having cleaned it, cut it into big pieces, and boil it in salted water as if for eating. Then drain it, wrap it in a dry cloth, and set it in a cold place till next day. Then make the pickle, which must be in proportion to the amount of salmon fish. To one quart of the water in which the salmon was boiled, allow 2 quarts of the best vinegar, one ounce of whole black pepper, one nutmeg grated and twelve blades of mace. Boil all these together in a kettle closely covered to prevent the flavor from evaporating. When the vinegar so prepared is quite cold, pour it over the salmon, and put on the top a table spoonful of sweet oil, which will make it keep the longer.

Cover your pickled salmon closely, put it in a dry, cool place, and it will keep for many months. This is the best way of preserving salmon, and is approved by all who have tried it.

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