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Oyster Stew Recipe

How do you make oyster stew? Here are three of the best, and easy, oyster stew recipes around in homemade, traditional style.

Oyster Stew in Milk or Cream

Drain the liquor from two quarts of oysters; mix with it a small teacupful of hot water, add a little salt and pepper and set it over the fire in a saucepan. Let it boil up once, put in the oysters, let them come to a boil, and when they "ruffle" add two tablespoonfuls of butter. The instant it is melted and well stirred in, put in a pint of boiling milk and take the saucepan from the fire. Serve with oyster or cream crackers while hot.

If thickening is preferred, stir in a little flour or two tablespoonfuls of cracker crumbs.

Plain Oyster Stew

Same as above stew, using only oyster liquor and water instead of milk or cream, adding more butter after taking up.

Dry Oyster Stew

Take six to twelve large oysters and cook them in half a pint of their own liquor; season with butter and white pepper; cook for five minutes, stirring constantly. Serve in hot soup plates or bowls.

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