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Deep Fried Oysters Recipe

Recipe for deep fried oysters.


½ pint of oysters, two eggs, ½ pint of milk, sufficient flour to make the batter; pepper and salt to taste; when liked, a little nutmeg; hot lard.

Scald the oysters in their own liquor, beard them, and lay them on a cloth to drain thoroughly. Break the eggs into a basin, mix the flour with them, add the milk gradually, with nutmeg and seasoning, and put the oysters in a batter. Make some lard hot in a deep frying pan; put in the oysters one at a time; when done, take them up with a sharp pointed skewer and dish them on a napkin. Deep fried oysters are frequently used for garnishing boiled fish, and then a few bread crumbs should be added to the flour.

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