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Fish with Mayonnaise Sauce

Take one pound or so of cold boiled fish (halibut, rock or cod), not chop, but cut, into pieces one inch long. Mix in a bowl a dressing as follows: The yolks of four boiled eggs rubbed to a smooth paste with salad oil or butter; add to these salt, pepper, mustard, 2 tea-spoonfuls of white sugar, and, lastly, six table spoonfuls of vinegar. Beat the mixture until light, and just before pouring it over the fish, stir in lightly the frothed white of a raw egg.

Serve the fish in a glass dish, with ½ the mayonnaise dressing stirred in with it. Spread the rest of the sauce over the top, and lay lettuce leaves (from the core of the head of lettuce) around the edges, to be eaten with it.

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