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Clam Stew Recipe

Recipe for stewed clams.

Wash clean as many round clams as needed; pile the clams in a big iron pot, with ½ a cupful of hot water in the bottom, and put on the stove; as soon as the shells open take out the clams, slice off the hard, inedible "fringe" from each with strong, clean scissors, put them into a stew pan with the broth from the pot, and boil slowly till they are quite tender; pepper well and thicken the gravy with flour stirred into melted butter.

Or, you may get two dozen freshly opened very small clams. Boil a pint of milk, a touch of white pepper and a small bit of butter. Now add the clams. Let them come to a boil and serve. Longer boiling will make the clams almost indigestible.

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