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Roast Duck Recipe

How to roast a tame duck.

Pick, draw, clean thoroughly, and wipe dry the duck. Cut the neck of the tame duck close to the back, beat the breast bone flat with a rolling pin, tie the wings and legs securely, and stuff with:

Three pints bread crumbs, six ounces butter, or part butter and salt pork, two chopped onions and one teaspoonful each of sage, black pepper and salt. Do not stuff very full, and sew up the openings firmly to keep the flavor in and the fat out. If not fat enough, it should be larded with salt pork, or tie a slice upon the breast. Place in a baking pan, with a little water, and baste frequently with salt and water add some onion, and some vinegar; turn often, so that the sides and back may all be nicely browned. When nearly done, baste with butter and a little flour. These directions will apply to tame geese as well as ducks.

Young ducks should roast for cooking time of 25 to 30 minutes, and fully grown ones for an hour or more, with frequent basting. Some prefer roast duck underdone and served very hot; but, as a rule, thorough cooking will prove more palatable. Make a gravy out of the necks and gizzards by putting them in a quart of cold water, that must be reduced to a pint by boiling. The giblets, when done, may be chopped fine and added to the juice. The preferred seasonings are one tablespoonful of Madeira or sherry, a blade of mace, one small onion, and a little cayenne pepper; strain through a hair sieve; pour a little over the ducks and serve the remainder in a boat. Serve your roast duck with jellies or any tart or cherry sauce.

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