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Chocolate Macaroons Recipe

Two chocolate macaroons recipes.

Macaroons 1

Grate one-quarter of a pound of chocolate and mix one-quarter of a pound of sifted powdered sugar and one-quarter of a pound of blanched and ground almonds.

Add a pinch of cinnamon and mix to a soft paste with eggs beaten until thick.

Drop in ½-teaspoonfuls on slightly buttered paper and bake in a moderate oven.

Do not take from the paper until cold; then brush the under side with cold water, and the paper can be readily stripped off.

Macaroons 2

Stir to a paste whites of seven eggs, three-fourths a pound of sifted sugar, one-½ a pound of almonds pounded very fine, and two ounces of grated chocolate.

Have ready wafer paper cut round, on which lay pieces of the mixture rolled to fit the wafer.

Press one-½ a blanched almond on each macaroon and bake in a moderate oven.

Recipe 3

Put three ounces of plain chocolate in a pan and melt on a slow fire; then work it to a thick paste with one pound of powdered sugar and the whites of three eggs; roll the mixture down to the thickness of about one-quarter of an inch; cut it in small, round pieces with a paste-cutter, either plain or scalloped; butter a pan slightly, and dust it with flour and sugar in equal quantities; place in it the pieces of paste or mixture, and bake your macaroons in a hot but not too quick oven.

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