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Roast Chicken Recipe, How to Roast a Chicken

Pick and draw the chicken, wash out well in two or three waters, adding some soda to the last but one to sweeten it, if there is doubt as to its being fresh. Dry it well with a clean cloth, and fill the crop and body with a stuffing the same as dressing for fowls. Lay it in a dripping pan; put a pint of hot water and a bit of butter in the dripping pan, add to it a small tablespoon of salt, and a small tea-spoon of pepper; baste frequently, and allow it to roast quickly, without scorching; when almost finished, put a bit of butter the size of a sizeable egg to the water in the pan; when it melts, baste with it, dredge some flour over, baste again, and allow it to finish; half an hour will roast a full grown chicken, if the stove is right. When finished, take it up.

Having stewed the necks, gizzards, livers and hearts in a very little water, strain it and mix it hot with the gravy that has dripped from the chickens, and which should be first skimmed. Thicken it with some browned flour, add to it the livers, hearts and gizzards chopped small. Or, put the giblets in the pan with the chicken and let them roast. Send the chickens to the dining table with the gravy in a boat. Cranberry sauce should accompany roast chicken, or any tart sauce.

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