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Pressed Chicken

Clean and cut up your chickens. Stew in just sufficient water to cover them. When almost cooked, season them well with salt and pepper. Let them stew down until the water is almost all boiled out, and the chicken meat drops easily from the bones. Remove the bones and gristle; chop the chicken meat rather coarsely, then turn it back into the stew kettle, where the broth was left (after skimming off all fat), and allow it to heat through once more.

Turn it into a square bread pan, placing a platter on the top, and a heavy weight on the platter. This, if correctly prepared, will turn out like a mold of jelly and can be sliced in smooth, even slices. The success of this depends upon not having too much water; it will not jelly if too weak, or if the water is allowed to boil away entirely while cooking. A good way to cook old chickens.

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