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Veal Pudding Recipe

Cut about two pounds of lean veal into small collops a ¼ of an inch in thickness; put a piece of butter the size of an egg into a very clean frying pan to melt; then lay in the veal and a few slices of bacon, a small sprig of thyme and a seasoning of salt and pepper; place the pan over a slow flame for aprrox. ten minutes cooking time, then add two or three spoonfuls of warm water. Just boil it up and then allow it to stand to cool.

Line a pudding dish with a good suet crust, lay in the veal and bacon, pour the gravy over it; roll out a piece of paste to form a lid, place it over, press it close with the thumb, tie the basin in a pudding cloth and put it into a saucepan of boiling water, keeping continually boiling until finished, or about one hour cooking time.

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