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Veal Patties

Cut portions of the neck or breast of veal into small pieces, and, with a bit of salt pork cut fine, stew gently for ten or fifteen minutes; season with salt and pepper, and a small piece of celery chopped coarsely, also of the yellow top, picked up, not chopped; stir in a paste made of a tablespoon of flour, the yolk of one egg, and milk to form a thin batter; let all come to a boil, and it is ready for the patties. Make the patties of a light, flaky crust, as for tarts, cut round in shape, the size of a small sauce plate; the centre of each, for aprrox. three inches, cut half way through, to be raised and serve as a cover. Put a spoonful of the stew in each crust, lay on the top and serve. Stewed oysters or lamb may be used in place of veal for the patties recipe.

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