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Veal Fillet Roast Recipe

How to cook roast fillet of veal recipe.

Select a lovely veal fillet, take out the bone, fill up the space with stuffing, and also put a good layer under the fat. Truss it of a good shape by drawing the fat round and tie it up with tape. Cook it fairly lightly at first, and baste with butter. It should have careful attention and frequent basting, so the fat will not burn. Roast from three to four hours cooking time, according to the size. Once it has been dished pour melted butter over it; serve with ham or bacon, and fresh cucumbers if in season. Veal, like all other meat, should be well washed in cold water prior to cooking and wiped properly dry with a clean cloth. Cold fillet of veal is very good stewed with tomatoes and an onion or two.

In roasting veal, you ought to be careful that it is not at first placed in too hot an oven; the fat of a loin, one of the most delicate joints of veal, ought to be covered with greased paper; a fillet, also, should have on the caul until nearly finished enough.

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