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Braised Veal Recipe

Take a piece of the veal shoulder weighing about five pounds. Have the bone removed and tie up the veal meat to make it firm. Put a piece of butter the size of half an egg, along with a couple of shavings of onion, into a crockpot or stone crock and allow it to become hot. Salt and pepper the veal and put it into the crockpot, cover it tightly and put it over a medium flame until the meat is brown on both sides, turning it occasionally.

Then set the crockpot back on the stove, where it will simmer slowly for aprrox. two hours and a half cooking time. Prior to placing the meat back on the stove, check if the juice of the braised veal meat along with the butter don't make gravy enough, and if not, put in about two tablespoons of hot water. When the gravy is cold it will be similar to jelly. It can be served hot with the hot meat, or cold with the cold meat.

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