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Beef Tongue Recipes

Two simple and easy homemade beef tongue recipes.

Boiled Beef Tongue Recipe

Wash a fresh beef tongue and just cover it with water in the pot; put in a pint of salt and a small red pepper; add more water as it evaporates, so as to keep the tongue nearly covered until done—when it can be easily pierced with a fork; take it out, and if wanted soon, take off the skin and store it away to cool. If wanted for later use, do not peel until it is required. A cup of salt will do for three tongues, if you have that number to boil; but do not fail to keep water enough in the pot to keep them covered while boiling. If salt tongues are used, soak them over night, of course omitting the salt when boiling. Or, after peeling a tongue, place it in a saucepan with one cup of water, ½ a cup vinegar, four table-spoons sugar, and cook until the liquor is evaporated.

Spiced Beef Tongue

Rub into each tongue a mixture made of ½ a pound of brown sugar, a piece of saltpetre the size of a pea and a table-spoon of ground cloves, put it in a brine made of three-quarters of a pound of salt to two quarts of water and keep covered. Pickle two weeks, then wash well and dry with a cloth; roll out a thin paste made of flour and water, smear it all over the tongue and place in a pan to bake slowly; baste well with lard and hot water; when done scrape off the paste and skim.

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