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Smothered Steak Recipe

Recipe for smothered beef steak.

Take very thin slices of steak from the upper part of the round or one large thin steak. Lay the meat out smoothly and wipe it dry. Prepare a dressing, using a cup of fine bread crumbs, ½ a teaspoon of salt, some pepper, a table-spoon of butter, ½ a teaspoon of sage, the same of powdered summer savory, and enough milk to moisten it all into a stiff mixture. Spread it over the meat, roll it up with care, and tie with a string, securing the ends well. Now fry a few thin slices of salt pork in the bottom of a kettle or saucepan, and into the fat that has fried out of this pork, place this roll or rolls of beef, and brown it on all sides, turning it until a rich color all over, then add ½ a pint of water, and stew until tender.

If the flavor of onion is liked, a slice can be chopped fine and added to the dressing. When cooked adequately, remove the meat, thicken the gravy, and turn over it. Smothered steak need to be carved cutting crosswise, in slices, through beef and stuffing.

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