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Steak Rolls Recipe

Recipes for steak roll.

Beef steak roll recipe is like as in smothered steak recipe, but many might prefer it.

Prepare a good dressing, such as you like for turkey or duck; take a round steak, pound it, but not very hard, spread the dressing over it, sprinkle in a bit of salt, pepper, and a few bits of butter, lap over the ends, roll the steak up tightly and tie closely; spread two great spoonfuls of butter over the steak after rolling it up, then wash with a well-beaten egg, put water in the bake-pan, put in the steak so as not to touch the water, and bake as you would a duck, basting often. A ½-hour in a brisk oven will bake. Make a brown gravy and send rolls to the table hot.

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