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Reheat Roast Beef

Cooking ideas for reheating roast beef.

Cold Roast Warmed Up

Cut from the remains of a cold roast the lean meat from the bones into small, thin slices. Put over the stove a frying pan containing a spoonful of butter or drippings. Cut up a ¼ of an onion and fry it brown, then remove the onion, add the meat gravy left from the day prior to, and if not thick enough add a bit of flour; salt and pepper. Turn the pieces of meat into this to reheat the beef and let them simmer a couple of minutes. Serve hot.

Cold Roast Reheated 2

Cold rare roast beef can be made as good as when freshly cooked by slicing, seasoning with salt, pepper and bits of butter; put it in a plate or pan with a spoonful or two of water, covering closely, and set in the oven until hot, but no longer. Cold steak can be shaved fine with a knife and used the same way.

Or, if the meat is in small pieces, cover them with buttered letter paper, twist each end tightly, and boil them on the gridiron, sprinkling them with finely chopped herbs.

Still another lovely way of using cold meats is to mince the lean portions fine and add to a batter made of one pint of milk, one cup of flour and three eggs. Fry like fritters and serve with drawn butter or sauce.

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