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Beef Heart Recipes

Healthy and easy to make roast and stewed beef heart recipes.

Roast Beef Heart

Wash the beef heart with care and open it adequately to remove the ventricles, then soak it in cold water until the blood is discharged; wipe it dry and stuff it nicely with dressing, as in the turkey dressing recipe; roast it around an hour and a ½. Serve it with the gravy, which need to be thickened with some of the stuffing and a glass of wine. It is very lovely hashed. Beef heart is served with currant jelly.

Beef Heart Stew

After washing the beef heart thoroughly cut it up into squares ½ an inch long; put them into a saucepan with water enough to cover them. If any scum rises skim it off. Now remove the meat, strain the liquor and put back the meat, also add a sliced onion, some parsley, a head of celery chopped fine, pepper and salt and a piece of butter. Stew until the meat is very tender. Stir up a table-spoon of browned flour with a small amount of water and thicken the whole. Boil up and serve your beef heart recipe.

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