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Hamburger Steak Recipe

Simple hamburger steak recipe in homemade style one of the best hamburger steak recipes with gravy, easy to cook.

Take a pound of raw flank or round steak, without any fat, bone or stringy pieces. Chop it until perfectly minced, it cannot be chopped too finely. Also chop a small onion quite fine and mix in well with the meat. Season with salt and pepper; make into cakes as large as a biscuit, but quite flat, or into one large flat cake a bit of less than ½ an inch thick. Have ready a frying pan with butter and lard mixed; when boiling hot put in the steak and fry brown. Garnish with celery top around the edge of the platter and two or three slices of lemon on the top of the hamburger meat.

A brown gravy made from the grease the steak was fried in and poured over the meat enriches the hamburger steak nicely.

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