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Collar Beef Flank

Buy a well corned flank of beef lets say 6 pounds. Wash the flank, and remove the inner and outer skin with the gristle. Prepare a seasoning of one teaspoon each of sage, parsley, thyme, pepper and cloves. Lay your meat on a board and spread this mixture over the inside.

Roll the beef up tight, fasten it with small skewers, put a cloth over it, bandage the cloth with tape, put the beef into the stew pot, cover it with water to the depth of an inch, boil gently six hours; take it out of the water, place it on a board without undoing it; lay a board on top of the beef, put a fifty pound weight upon this board, and let it remain twenty-four hours. Take off the bandage, garnish with green pickles and curled parsley, and serve your beef steak flank.

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