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Window Decorating Ideas

Some Great Ideas

Window furnishings and decorating schemes are one of the pillars on which home decorating success must be built on. Without some thought in this area no furniture, however fine, will be displayed to best effect.

Curtain Width Ideas

Windows that are not "revealed", or built into the wall, are best curtained with 2 or 3 inches wider than the window frame so that the board on which the curtain rack is fixed will be 4 to 6 in. wider than the width of the window frame.

Curtain Length Ideas

Full length windows require a curtain drop that reaches the floor; windows with a sill 1ft 6in to 2ft from the floor will need curtains cut to hang 6 in below the sill; with revealed windows curtain length should reach ½ an inch from the sill; with very wide sills, like on many bay windows, curtains should come to within a ½ inch of the sill again.

Curtains need fullness for the best results in window decorating. Allow for at least ½ fullness and preferably double.

½ fullness for a window 6ft wide will need two curtains 4ft 6in wide giving a total of 9 ft of curtain material.

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